Making TV more social,
interactive and fun

White-label video technologies for broadcasters to grow, engage and monetise their audiences

Watch Together

Watch Together

Fans see and hear each other over live video chat - all synchronised to the same moment in the stream.

Fan Reactions

Capture video replays of fans reacting to key moments for saving and sharing socially.

Watch Others

Influencer Broadcasts

Influencers entertain audiences while watching together remotely.

New Programme Formats

Cloud-based studio connects presenters with dynamic graphics and video for inexpensive, interactive programming and alternative commentary.



Proven to increase watch time.


Viewers invite their friends to watch.


Additional revenues from room passes, sponsorship, and other innovative ad units.

Earned Media

Fan reactions drive highly shareable, clippable content.

Production Savings

Virtual studios with remotely connected presenters and guests.

Rich Data

Facial recognition to measure effectiveness of programming and advertising.


Featured covereage at Sports Pro Live.

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